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is your advertising triggering?

Take this short, 17-question compliance analysis to see the severity your business is at risk of violating FDA regulations. (Plus, I'll also reveal my #1 secret to immediately boost your revenue and shortcut your time to sale)


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Where entrepreneurs grow to 6 and 7 figure health & nutrition companies through diversifying their media strategy and executing a data-driven multi-channel direct response marketing SYSTEM

If you're here because you need better results from your marketing, then you're in the right place.

I specialize in helping my clients turn their business into an auto-pilot online venture that brings in profits and continues to scale revenue further 24/7 like clockwork. 

  • You'll be profitable as you step into your market with the proven strategies to take on the most competitive industries.
  • You'll get confidence that you're ready for business with advertising material that is FDA compliant and resonates with your customers
  • You'll get a partner who understands your business model, is determined for your success and is relying on your referral (because that's how my business really grows)

And first & foremost...

You're Partnering With a Specialist
Who Has A Deep Understanding of Your Industry

Not a "Generalist" who will bring you "average" results.

Not an agency you can't reach... and definitely not a clueless rookie ready to muck up your campaigns and experiment on your dime (your most expensive advertisement will be the one that doesn't convert).

If you're looking for the cheapest freelancer, look elsewhere.

What this means for you is you're not going to pay an inflated budget
to cover 100's of useless employees. You're not going to be passed the bill for
the ocean view office (though I do most of my work from a dock). And your
work is not getting passed down to the intern...

You'll be working with a highly trained alternative health digital marketing strategist, armed with FDA compliance and years of sales experience (including face-to-face) putting his own
cash on the line, chin-deep in the marketing trenches. 

Let's Build Your System

Finally, get the conversions you've been hearing about

How We Can Work Together

Lead Generation

Have pre-motivated, pre-interested, pre-determined prospects ready
to do business with you with your new multi-step lead-generation system.

Sales Conversions

Drastically reduce your time-to-sale with
FDA compliant copywriting that you can actually use, including: advertorials,
VSL's, long form sales letters, direct mail packages, white papers / reports.

Follow Up Sequences

Strategies to save the sale and encourage repeat
purchases including emails, re-targeting campaigns, and second-life
"ambassador" strategies.

Brand Development

Design your business for profits with proper
foundation-work to save you time and hassle by working with me to set your
business up right, from the beginning.

Campaign Optimization

Tap into multiple streams of revenue hiding right
within your business, improve your current sales efforts as I guide your
customer by the hand to the checkout line.

Confidence With Compliance

The rules of compliance change constantly and are a confusing
mess to most. I will clear up any compliance issues you may have for you, and audit your current advertising material for FDA compliance.

I am not an attorney, but I will save you hours (and $thousands) with one.

Let's Build Your System

Finally, get the conversions you've been hearing about

What Is The System?

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

- Earl Nightingale


Develop Your Marketing Leverage

Plan to hit the market like a freight train by identifying the most profitable sector of the market
that will bring you the least resistance and the most profits 


Establish Your Profit Pipeline

Leverage proven strategies to shortcut to the sale and enter the market as quickly
as possible with minimal risk while monitoring the KPI's


Refine Your Profit Centers

Maximize your current profits with proven systematic processes to zero in on the efforts
that bring the highest returns.


Bolt On Additional Profit Lines

Attach multiple streams of revenue as we apply tested strategic growth strategies to maximize your brand's fullest profit potential.

"Jake is a damned genius when it comes to digital marketing"

“I have a private community that I have been very careful building over the years. I wanted to introduce a men's supplement and I didn't know how do it and I didn't want to just trust anyone with my brand. I found Jake Landen through referral and he not only showed me a handful of ways I could better monetize my website (the "found" money was enough to cover his costs which means it was a lot) and his emails converted at $3 per name. And it's all on auto pilot.”

"My 'Found Money' Was Enough to Cover His Costs"

When I couldn't get an ad through the publishers and Amazon almost shut down my seller's account I knew I needed to find a copywriter who understood the compliance 
requirements. That's when I met Jake Landen, who made me feel comfortable and was knowledgeable as he went through all of my advertising materials. He explained all the phrases that were causing FDA red flags in a way that I finally understood, and then he re-wrote all of my material so it was even stronger without claims and the publisher's accepted it. I am excited to finally get my ads in front of my customers. 

"He Showed Me What To Say When I Couldn't Say Anything"

"When the competition in my industry was just too much, I was growing very frustrated that I couldn't say what I needed to stand out. I hired several freelancers and I was about to give up. I gave it one last attempt and found Jake Landen. Not only did he help me immediately differentiate my product from the other similar offers, but he showed me what to say and how to say it. I finally found the right copywriter for my alternative health campaigns."

About Your Marketing Specialist

Maybe you've heard others bragging about how they've spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning about all things copywriting and marketing. I think it just makes me a geek. But geeks know things. When I'm not writing the next breakthrough alternative health supplement advertisement, you can find me relaxing at trade shows, enjoying hours rifling through scientific journals, and happily catching up on the FDA regulatory updates.

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